Who is Back Bar USA?


Founded in 2007 by Tim Haughinberry (a seasoned veteran of the three-tier distribution system), Back Bar USA was formed as a consulting company to serve the on-premises marketing needs of booming Las Vegas, Nevada, and the expansion of casinos nationwide. Back Bar USA is a full-service marketing and consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience in the beer, wine and spirits industries. The company specializes in corporate and national account beverage programs with an emphasis on the boutique hotels, gaming, resort, nightlife and fine-dining segments of the hospitality industry.



Tim Haughinberry tim@backbarusa.com Creative Executive Officer
Tina Evans tina@backbarusa.com Director of Operations
Allie Offenbach allie@backbarusa.com On-Premises Manager
Cassie Sturdivant cassie@backbarusa.com On-Premises Manager
Anna Boera anna@backbarusa.com On-Premises Manager
Charles Contreras charles@backbarusa.com On-Premises Manager
Lucas Irwin lucas@backbarusa.com Creative Director
Carlos Alvarado carlos@backbarusa.com IT & Implementation
David Paul david@backbarusa.com Special Events Production
Brian Haughinberry brian@backbarusa.com Compliance
Marina Sabile marina@backbarusa.com Account Manager