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Tim Haughinberry Creative Executive Officer702-318-8446
Flor Bernal President & Chief Financial Officer702-318-8446
Tina Evans General Manager/Director of Operations702-318-8446 ext. 165
Gina Tu Sourcing Manager702-318-8446 ext. 164
Allie Offenbach On-Premise Manager702-318-8446 ext. 117
Anna Boera On-Premise Manager702-318-8446 ext. 113
Nick Zozaya On-Premise Manager702-318-8446 ext. 112
Mat Friera Payroll Manager702-318-8446 ext.158
Alex Smith Accountant - Landry's Accounts702-318-8446 ext. 161
Marina Sabile Accountant - MGMRI Accounts702-318-8446 ext. 166
Stacey DeMarco Sourcing Specialist702-318-8446 ext. 163
Dianne Dangli Social Media Manager702-318-8446 ext. 115
David Paul Events Manager702-318-8446 ext. 118
Desirae Nelms On-Premise Manager702-318-8446 ext. 109
Cassie Sturdivant Talent Manager702-318-8446 ext. 121
Paulina Carrillo Assistant Talent Manager702-318-8446 ext. 109
Carlos Alvarado Internal Projects702-318-8446 ext. 110
Brian Haughinberry Audit Specialist702-318-8446 ext. 116
Matthew Mitchell Warehouse Manager702-318-8446 ext. 105
Karen Cano Receptionist702-318-8446 ext. 320
Lucas Irwin Director of Graphic Arts702-318-8446