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Tobin Ellis’ “Bar & Restaurant Revival Guide” is a Path Back from the Brink
June 10th, 2020

Bar designer and consultant Tobin Ellis has made a name for himself internationally, building out bars and bar programs, teaching staff, and designing bar equipment for Perlick. So when COVID-19 began to impact the industry that has been Ellis’ true north his entire life, he hit the books—and then he wrote one.

First came the Hospitality Relief Dashboard, home to now more than 700 resources links. Initially, those links were mostly for relief funds and food pantries, but in recent weeks, the resources offered have expanded to include reopening playbooks and official state guidelines. The very latest, however, is a work of Ellis’ own.

Released on May 30, the Bar & Restaurant Revival Guide is a free, downloadable, shareable 96-page playbook for not only how to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic but also how to implement new marketing methodology, sanitation best practices, and health and safety innovations. Case studies from industry luminaries outline their challenges and how they overcame them; new ideas are shared freely in the hopes that something within will help our injured industry recover from the blow it’s been dealt by the pandemic.

Please feel free to share the guide link with anyone you know who works in the hospitality or service industry. It is, as Tobin calls it, “just one more tool operators, managers, and workers can put in their toolbox for the road to revival.”