Picture Perfect: The Camera Obscura Cocktail

Named Camera Obscura, Mariena was inspired by the first camera, the pinhole camera, pre-dating into the BCE Era. The Camera Obscura, served in a cylindrical Halm glass, reminiscent of a camera lens, and the end result is one you absolutely want to take a photo of. The glass allows the flowers to be seen and it is a fun, unique way to enjoy this cocktail.

“I love creating experiences, I think cocktails should be experiences. Especially multi-sensory experiences because you eat with your eyes, but you also taste with your eyes.”

– Mariena

A clarified cocktail that is equal parts chemistry and whimsy that showcases the notes of watermelon and basil with perfect clarity.

“I love it [Grey Goose Essences Watermelon & Basil Vodka] because they use cold pressed juices and botanicals for just a really true flavor.”


Paired with the lychee liqueur, the aromatics and spice from the ginger in the cardamom chardonnay reduction delivers a punch of flavor and aroma that engulfs the senses.

“You have millions of olfactory receptors, but thousands of taste buds, so you do taste predominantly with your nose. When you put those beautiful aromatics in, it really enables you to taste in layers. “- Mariena

The final touch is coating the straw or rimming the glass with ElectricdustTM, a sensation and flavor-enhancing dust powered by the buzz button, a natural alkaloid that makes your salivary glands speed up and turns you into a super-taster. The dust also has some really great flavors and a beautiful iridescence and hue that adds a pop to the final presentation.

*Milk clarification is a technique that has been used for centuries in the form of milk punch. The technique preserves and clarifies juices, while also removing pigment and providing a creamy mouth feel to the end product.