The Buzz About Nick Polydoroff

Meet Nick Polydoroff, Portfolio Execution Manager for Las Vegas, Nevada with the Hive Strategic Marketing Agency. He exclusively represents the Brown-Forman portfolio of spirits, including Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Old Forester Bourbon, and Tequila Herradura. His day-to-day activities consist of sales, marketing, and trade advocacy.

We talked with Nick about how his role has helped his better serve the LGBTQ+ community, what Pride means to him, and more!

What role, if any, did being LGBTQ+ play in your decision to go into that business? 

I feel that diversity and inclusivity create a strong and agile team. Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community for 20 years has given me a unique perspective and ability to reach often-overlooked demographics with my love and knowledge of wine and spirits.

How do you support other LGBTQ+-owned brands/businesses? Why/how is that important (to you)? 

Having previously worked in LGBTQ+ nightlife for nearly a decade, I realize now that those businesses do not always receive the same attention from beverage suppliers unless it is pride month. In this role, I have been able to focus time and resources throughout the year on several key LGBTQ+ accounts.

What does PRIDE month mean to you? 

Lately, Pride has become a reason to celebrate and as a result, a mainstream avenue of consumer marketing. While I am thrilled that we have come this far, I feel that it is important to remember that past generations were not as fortunate. They had to fight for the rights that we as a community enjoy today. 

We must remain vigilant while offering a seat at the table to anyone who is willing to learn.