The Hempingway: A Farewell to Boring Mocktails

Created by Co-Founder of Cannabis USA, Lucia Cifonelli, the Hempingway mocktail is an ode to warmer nights, fresh flavors, hemp, and the author Ernest Hemingway. 

PureKana Mint CBD tincture adds a refreshing mint flavor, as well as a nice mouthfeel when paired with the oils from muddled fresh mint leaves thanks to the accurate dosing of the dropper.

“A riff on a classic mojito, I wanted to add hibiscus to bring depth in place of rum for a tart, refreshing CBD spritz with lime and mint.”

Lucia Cifonelli

Topped with Fever-Tree Club Soda for added bubbles and to balance the richness of the hibiscus syrup, this CENTR Sparkling CBD Drink boasts a light, effervescent citrus flavor. A touch more brightness and flavor are added as the mint and hibiscus ice cubes melt.

The Hempingway cocktail contains about 30mg of CBD, helping to create a sense of calm and healthy relaxation!